Evotronic is a company specialized in the calibration of electronic control units, born 25 years ago from the passion of Roberto Urga, who after years of experience gained in the world of Motorsport, decides to make all his accumulated know-how available to enthusiasts.


We have always been characterized by professionalism and the search for perfection, which is why in our move to Milan, precisely Cassina De Pecchi, we invested in the project of the new test bench room, in order to obtain an environment capable of allowing us to develop all kinds of cars, in the best possible climatic conditions for whole days, be they common cars or more powerful Supercars. This result was obtained thanks to an in-depth study of the ventilation and air recirculation system to ensure maximum oxygen exchange and the lowest possible temperatures, especially essential for turbo engines.


We will soon have available, we think for spring 2021, also a brand new motorcycle test bench, obviously with a dedicated room, capable of hosting studies and developments also on the latest generation Supersports.